Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cotton Quilt Painting ~~ Finished

I have another finish to show you. A few weeks ago I took an art class at the high school where I teach English. Our art teacher had another artist come in and teach students how to paint cotton. I sat in a couple of times and loved learning new skills.  I wrote about that experience and the artwork here.

After painting that first piece, I was hooked and decided to "play" a bit more when I hit on the idea of making a quilted painting. I've since played some more--this time changing things up a bit because I learned a few things with the first one. 

I've learned a few more things this go round, also. In fact, I have plans for a third quilted painting. I've discovered that I prefer to create the painting on the long-arm switching back and forth between painting and quilting. 

I also discovered that I can achieve a much cleaner, whiter cotton boll using applique, which I didn't use in the first painting. 

And lastly, I found a clear gesso which means I don't need as many layers of paint. I can also paint on darker fabrics.

Although I don't necessarily like all of the cotton bolls on this piece, I'm enjoying this combination of painting and quilting and have a feeling that I'm going to keep playing for a while at least. 

What are you enjoying working on? Is it different from your usual work? I'm very interested in seeing what you're doing, so pleas leave a comment with your blog address. I'll stop by for a visit sometime this weekend.

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quiltpaintcreate said...

Looks great! Working in series is a good way to explore a new technique. Looking forward to seeing future pieces.

Christine Slaughter said...

What a fantastic art quilt! I really love the thought of combining paint, as well as painting with thread to get more texture. Beautiful work!

Karen S said...

This is a really interesting technique and looks great.

Celtic Thistle said...

Looks like you have been having a lot of fun with this technique :) Embroidery with ribbons and beads is my bag at the moment, isn't it lovely to have easy access to so many different crafts?

Judy said...

This looks so cool, I love the background quilting you did with the painting, looks great!

Kaja said...

I like how you are evolving this way of working - doing a series of these sounds spot on. I can't imagine jumping between a long arm and painting, but it seems to be working for you!

Ann said...

I love this quilt - the bolls and the background. What a good idea to keep it on your long arm to alternate quilting and painting. Cotton Boll is one of my favorite traditional quilts although I've never made one.
Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

Ann said...

I love the bolls and background. Alternating quilting and painting on the long arm is a great idea. Cotton Boll is one of my favorite designs although I've never made one. Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

Marly said...

Lucky you being able to join in a class to learn a new technique. The result is beautiful, although I'm must admit that I can't see what's painted! That's probably a good thing, meaning everything is harmoniously blending.