Monday, May 16, 2016

Newfangled Farming -- A Video

My husband played on his tractor Saturday. His parents planted a few Irish potatoes in our garden, and Richard used the tractor and the old digger to get them out of the ground--most of the potatoes had been dug earlier, one hill at a time. Richard rarely gets on the tractor anymore because it's very rough and hurts his back, but to help his parents....

I found it all rather funny because, well, watch the video. It's only 50 seconds long but it will give you an idea of how farming was done 40 or so years ago. 

That noise! It's not Richard. The tractor is older than he is and squeaks just a bit more. This is the way we do things around here still. Sometimes.

Yes, really 40 years. I know because the tractor and digger have been in the family for the 37 years that Richard and I have been married. They were used extensively when Richard's dad farmed 60 or so acres of sweet potatoes annually. This means they have put some hours in the fields around our home.

The picture on the right shows the rows after the potatoes were dug. 

All of this tractor work for two baskets of new potatoes. Oh, and let's not forget the joy of riding your tractor for five minutes!

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Karen S said...

I think it is great to see the old machinery being used. It seems to last forever and still work strongly.