Monday, May 23, 2016

I HEART My Crafty Friends

Image result for heartI have the best crafty friends! Remember that some time ago I wrote about retreat plans at Fountainbleu State Park? I was very excited and counting down the days. 

Until the days got close. That's when I had to face reality. I do not heart reality. We were in the middle of testing season and I was testing middle schoolers. And I was swamped. 

the group tee shirt (designed by Kelly) and Erica's
sweet card expressing sorrow that I could't come

I could not (though I tried very, very hard) wrap up testing. Oh, I had great plans to do just that. But even great plans can go awry. Middle schoolers do not help things run smoothly. Best laid plans. Blah, blah, blah. 

a closeup of the tee design
Image result for defeat

I finally gave in. Reality won. And I lost. Big. 

In the end I had to admit defeat and tell my crafty retreaters that I could not retreat with them. I wanted to run away (Fountainbleu sounded like a nice run-away-to place) but no. I stayed. And worked. And cried (just a little, but there were tears). 

a shopping bag, which I will use to pack
sewing supplies for our upcoming vacation
Well, retreaters to the rescue! They had each brought along a little something. 

And they made lots of little somethings. 

And they gathered them up and.... MAILED the somethings to me! I just got them. In a pretty box. And inside the box...somethings for me! Sorry no pictures of the box. I came home from work today (my last day) and found the box sitting pretty on the bench outside my door with mail piled on top. 

Really, I thought it was for Richard, but I brought it all in anyway. And my name was on top of the box. As soon as I saw Erica's name I knew what a lovely, thoughtful crafty friend I have. I do <3 crafty="" don="" font="" friends="" my="" t="" them="" too="" you="">

all the goodies posing in one pretty picture
I immediately opened said box! Do you see all the pretties? I <3 admit="" crafty="" do="" friends.="" it="" my="" span="" too="" you="">

darling scrap booking items and some wooden button love

a personal dry erase board and pen - which will
sit right beside the machine for sewing notes

a personalized mug and mug rug
Image result for surprise 
Aren't they the best? And don't you <3 do="" font="" know="" them="" too="" you="">

What surprise box have you gotten recently? 

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Karen S said...

Definitely thoughtful friends.