Monday, May 2, 2016

Stash Report: April 2016

Are you aware that Hancock Fabrics is closing all of its stores? Yes, this could be a problem. In addition to the fact that many are losing their jobs, an icon is ending its run, and sewers will struggle to find fabric, there's yet another problem: I can't resist the temptation to purchase still more fabric! 

I have enough. Really, I do. I cannot possibly sew every bit of it before I die at the ripe old age of 118.

Kona® Cotton
My enabler, though, has to take some blame for the most recent purchase...he insisted that we go! I mean, I intended to go. I knew I'd be buying some Kona solids. I actually hoped there's be plenty of Kona. There was. Photos and confession tomorrow.

Tonight, a stash report that shows I am almost breaking even with purchases and uses. I don't know how this is good or bad, but I have a feeling...

Stash Report for April 2016
Additions and
Projects from stash
Works in Progress
(not in report)
Used this month:
Memory Quilt (9)
Circle Quilt (WIP)
Added this month:
Small Projects (1½)
Used in 2016:
(bags and painting)

Added in 2016:

How has the recent announcement that Hancock Fabrics is closing affected your stash? 

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Kaja said...

Luckily I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic (or maybe the right side in this case). I haven't been buying much this year, but it is always hard to resist a bargain...