Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pin It Weekly #210

I ran across this idea on Pinterest for displaying antique quilts using old windows. It got me to thinking about how old quilts that are torn or stained beyond repair might be repurposed. I hate the idea of cutting pieces out of a quilt, but some quilts are too far gone to do much else with them.
vintage quilt in an old window - Little Miss Shabby--Great idea now I know what to do with the quilt my mom made that's starting to fall apart!

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This is a different type of frame, but the idea is the same. I really like that the design is not centered in the frame. 
I have several of my Mee Maw's old family quilts, many of which are tearing and fraying with age.  I hope to frame one of them as a headboard for our master bedroom in the near future!

And another idea for repurposing old quilts--pillows!
I recently found an old, faded and torn quilt at an antique store and restored it back to life by making it into these charming pillows. I carefully chose the best sections of the quilt, hand washed them and started my journey.    In designing these pillows I decided to leave the batting and fabric edges raw, or unfinished, along the outside of each of the 3 pillows to further give them a folk or vintage look. Each of the pillows are firmly stuffed with fresh new fiberfill.    No need to use ...

Charming Keepsake PILLOW made from ANTIQUE Dresden Plate QUILT - Cone Border

Charming Keepsake PILLOW made from Antique QUILT - with Vintage Lace and Button

And a final example of using old quilts as decor. 
Image result for chairs covered with quilts

Something to do with those old quilts that have stains or tears and can't be used on the bed!

Have you seen old quilts repurposed in another way? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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Kaja said...

I like the idea of using frames - really effective. I'm not sure I could chop up something I liked to use on an ironing board, but then I'm not a big fan of ironing.