Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Dream Wedding

Leta's daughter got married. Leta and I have been friends for three decades. That's a long friendship but especially because we've never had any real disputes. 

Sure we disagree on a few things, and maybe two big things, but those things don't really affect our love for each other. We just work and play well together and have been blessed to call each other friends.

So anyway, Leta had a wedding to put together and an only daughter who knows what she wants. Seriously, there's no playing with Julie. She's as strong-headed as her mom and as serious as her daddy and old enough to not mix words.

Now don't let any of the above get you to thinking any negatives. I actually admire the whole lot of Fletchers. But I love the and daughter are smart, funny, beautiful, determined and, above all, God-fearing. These are the kind of girls I prayed for back when I prayed for daughters of my own. 

This wedding, beautiful and elegant, was perfect for our small town life. It was a grand affair but not so grand that anyone felt out of place. Grand enough that a huge bouquet of flowers and many candles were perfect but either evening dress or church dress would do. The wedding of dreams without being too showy or extravagant.

That's what comes of knowing your mind and where you come from. Our beautiful bride could not have chosen better. Her artist mom was more than capable of filling in the gaps with a flair for fun. Best of all, for me, is that I got to play along.

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