Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A new romper and an old monkey

Last week I made a little romper for Milly that turned out much too big. So I went back to the worktable and created a new pattern from the old. This one fits much better; however, I didn't adjust the armseye opening which is still too deep, but Milly seems quite happy.  

I am over it, though. I have too many other things going on, especially this week. Our church is celebrating it's 90th Anniversary and we are planning several events to mark the occasion. One of those events is to create a directory with photographs of the parishioners. 

I'm the gal in charge, so to speak, and this week LifeTouch
photographers are in house. I've scheduled people for three days of portraits. That's all well and good, until the day arrives.  But no more complaining. Tomorrow is the last day of photographers. 

Besides there's good news in the house: the kids have moved to their own (new) house and we have spent a night in our own home. The last night we slept in the camper, Cotton found Milly's stuffed monkey. It's quite old and beginning to shed and leave crumbles.

But apparently Cotton finds it just right for napping. Now that we're back in the house, Milly has access to most of her toys, so Cotton has gained a hand-me-down monkey. He's quite protective of it. Just getting a couple of pictures of him was a little difficult: I was not allowed to touch his new toy. 


Karen S said...

The new romper looks lovely. perfect for the warmer days.
How exciting to have your home back. Strangely enough that is probably going to take a bit of getting used to.
Good luck.

jenclair said...

Milly is stylin' her new romper! Cotton seems quite attached to his new companion. When our daughters were young, our Boston Terrier appropriated Amelia's Ewok. It was funny and touching to see him curl up with the Ewok and kept him happy when the kids were at school.