Monday, May 7, 2018

Life... and our May meeting

Our life suddenly got insanely difficult. Richard's dad, who has dementia, suddenly had an episode of cognitive decline and had to be hospitalized. His mom has Parkinson's so she is very limited in her ability to care for him. 

They are both better now, and he is home, but in an effort to help, we check in with them a few times each day. Since Rich is doing most of the heavy lifting for his parents, I'm the one holding down the fort here. Wow, my guy does way more than I thought!

Mrs. Shirley (our newest member) shows a
block she just learned to make.
Nevertheless, life must be lived and today was the May meeting of the Cotton Quilter's Guild. I was up till late last night trying to print the guild directory. This morning as I was gathering up all the things I needed, I discovered that copies of my friendship star block had printed incorrectly. Shoot! I must have pressed print before checking to make sure that the printer would print on both sides. I fixed that easily enough and finished hauling stuff to the truck. 

Mrs. Bertha explains how she restored these
Sunbonnets as part of a challenge.
A close-up of the Sunbonnets
Several of the members had something to share, a block or row of blocks, a quilt top or completed quilt, all are given their due of oohs and ahhs. I showed the finished Crown Royal quilt and got more opinions about it being manly enough. Apparently I can now let that worry go: everyone seems to think it will work just fine. Good thing, I'm handing it over tomorrow!

All at attention as Mrs. Flora explains her technique

Mrs. Flora teaching her heart out!
Ah, did I digress?
Mrs. Flora was kind enough to give a review of the "Quilt as You Go" technique. She wants to use it for our row quilt, so she's been doing a bit of research. Luckily, another member had a quilt to show that used a different method of the technique, so it was perfect to compare the two methods.

We also had fun reliving some of our experiences at the GSQA show that most of us attended. Mrs. Cleo and I both had quilts in the show (she won 7 ribbons!) and we were well congratulated for our efforts. 

Thanks for coming by. I'll leave you with a few more show and share photos that I managed to snap, even as I performed my presidential duties.

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Karen S said...

You are in for a very busy time. I know how involved it is dealing with elderly parents.
Glad you are still able to enjoy some of your own interests. That is so important.
Good luck.