Saturday, May 26, 2018

What Is It? A Finish!

Anyone know the name of this applique pattern?
Some time ago, while going through yet more boxes of stuff from my mom's sewing room, I ran across a couple of odd blocks that obviously were her UFOs. This was one of them. I first tossed them into the trash, because really, doesn't it scream ugly 80s? Anyone sill have a blue fabric goose sitting around?

No matter your taste, this will not fit the decor. Sorry. 

But I do have a heart and my heart said, "Momma made this." And the next thing I knew the blocks were in my UFO bin. They languished there for a couple of years. Then I needed some handwork to take along with me while we traveled the Northwest. I decided to pack it, a little afraid it would taint yet another bin. We were almost home before I pulled it out.

Mom's zigzag edges are pretty raw, so
I let my own stitches do whatever they wanted.

Using embroidery thread from last century (much of it also from my mom) I hand-
quilted it in big stitches. I decided early on that nothing could make the block worse, so there was a chance of making it better. 

The pinks of the 1980s...
there's no mistaking them!
I finished the stitching and put it aside to trim out and bind when I got home. It got forgotten. The poor, ugly little thing reappeared last week. And while I don't participate in the One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts, I did push myself to get this finished. It's time, after all. So I'm going to put it in the next OMG linky party. (Assuming that I catch it in time.) Edited: I did it!

Afraid that the rotary cutter, might take out a few stitches, I trimmed it with scissors, found some red gingham, which matches in color but not in size, for binding. 

So it has a warped corner and there are several stains, but I'll hand wash it and maybe it will go on a wall somewhere. Somehow it's grown on me. See, I said there was a chance of making it better. Finished is always better!

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Anonymous said...

Love this block....I really do, because it has such a great story!! So glad you didn't throw it out!! If this were mine, I would pin it up on the bulletin board in my sewing room where I could see it every time I am in there working on a project...and I know it would make me smile!!

Sandra B

Karen S said...

How lovely to have finished this special block. Lots of memories there for you.

Ann said...

Lucky you to finish a memory of your mother. And you may be surprised when it comes back in style - about the time our great-grandchildren are grown. It's important to keep handmade histories in the family. Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

jenclair said...

It is a beautiful and unusual block that has such personal meaning. Congratulations on a great finish!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Hi all, thanks for the compliments. Finishing this block was enjoyable. I really like handwork when I don't put pressure on myself to hurry.

Two of my sisters have asked for it, so I'm even happier that it will find a home. The other sister will have to wait for another block. (But there's one waiting for the needle. Shh, it's a surprise!)

Patty said...

How lovely to finish something from your mom.