Thursday, May 10, 2018

Milly's Bubble Romper ~~ A Finish!

I decided this morning that I would work on one small project and try to get a finish. And goodness gracious, I did it! I've been wanting to make a little outfit for Milly, but I had a particular pattern in mind. An hour of searching in the studio did not unearth that pattern. 

However, I did find a bubble romper pattern which I like very much. It's a New Look pattern by Simplicity that is no longer in print. I bought it almost 20 years ago and used it to make Dusti a couple of outfits. It seems appropriate to use the same pattern for Dusti's little one. 

It also looked like a quick, easy project. It is. But it had been a while since I've used this particular pattern. The back closure gave me fits. I finally managed to create a placket. Not necessarily the one in the directions, but a closure none-the-less.

And Miss Prissy was in a cranky mood, until she finally fell asleep--after one dirty diaper, a bottle of apple juice, a rocker and a good ten minutes. Whew! Getting her down when she is over tired is a job for someone younger than I!

Anyway, while she napped, I sewed like a mad woman. My inspiration was this lime green butterfly print. I had to place the pattern pieces with extra care because I was using an oddly-shaped, scrap fabric. There was just enough.

I thought I'd get away without the directions, but eventually I was forced to pull out the Bernina instructions. I couldn't remember how to shift the button hole stitch to the next section. I also had to practice button holes on scraps because, well truthfully, it's been so long I didn't feel terribly confident. And though they will hold, they won't look great doing so. I guess I'll need to practice a bit more.

Choosing buttons also took a little time. There are so many choices. I auditioned two sets but eventually chose the lime green. 

I insisted that we try the outfit before her mom took her home. It's too big. But not by much, so I think I can cut it down and get the right size without too much struggle.

She is growing so fast that she'll probably out-grow it before the summer ends. I think I'll make one without the piping. That slowed me down more than I expected. I have a feeling that there are a few more shortcuts that I can make. That will mean I can make several of these that we can use for play clothes throughout the summer. 

And that's my finish for the day and the week. 

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Karen S said...

The finished romper is delightful. And how special that it is the same pattern you used before. That is such a fun fabric.
I have to agree that caring for a toddler is hard work. I think that is the very reason we had children at a much younger age. We adore looking after our grandchildren but always come home exhausted. It would be hard work 24/7 at our age!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Yes Karen, this little tyke definitely exhausts us, but she's a very loving baby. She gives out kisses and hugs like they are candy, and yes, I fall for every one. Too bad the romper is too big, but that just means making another. This will fit before the summer is out if she continues to grow as she's been doing. I could go on for much longer, but I'll control myself somewhat. said...

I don't think the romper is big at all. After some washings and more growing it'll be perfect. Your post is inspiring to sew clothes for my granddaughter even though the other grandmother does clothes sewing so I may be stepping on some toes. I figured I have the fabric and some fun little skirts shouldn't ruffle too many feathers, right?

Kaja said...

I think she looks lovely in it - and in a fortnight it will fit perfectly, and as you say, in another 3 weeks she will be growing out of it! I need to practice buttonholes, instead of just looking for patterns without buttons.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Go for it, Rose! I love little skorts: They are cute and really show off fun fabrics, but more importantly the girls can do cartwheels in them! If something is said you can blame it on the fabric, "Well, I saw this fabric, and it just screamed (insert name) so I had to make it."

Kaja, the entire time I was sewing the outfit I was trying to come up with an easier closure. But those buttons were too perfect, but believe me, there's a reason I didn't show the buttonholes. In fact, I didn't didn't even take pictures. What a mess!

Preeti said...

Milly is such a bundle of cuteness and charms. the bright green romper is absolutely adorable on her. A fast finish and so gratifying - win win.