Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Tee Shirts

I've had several friends ask me about the tee shirt quilts that I've made. That got me thinking about layouts, so I thought I'd share a few with you. This first one is probably the easiest one to use because you can cut all the tees the same size.
Cara's T-shirt quilt.

24 super ideas for t-shirt quilt layout ideas

KeepsakeSewing: T-shirt Quilt - I Arted Shirt - Ideas of I Arted Shirt #artedshirts - KeepsakeSewing: T-shirt Quilt

Tshirt quilt tutorials!!! I started mine (Mizzou, too, how funny!) a long time ago, but was only going to sew shirt squares together... I'm SO glad I kept my scraps, because this one looks SO much cooler!! I can't wait to get working on it! :D

21 Ideas T-shirt Quilt Ideas Layout Squares #tshirt

tshirt quilt idea - never seen one on the diagonal like this. Much better!.

Jersey t-shirt quilts made from 9 to 49 tees. Memory T shirt

49+ Ideas T-shirt Quilt Layout Design For 2019

has some info on working with irregular shapes

As you can see, making a tee-shirt can be quite creative. If the goal is to get as many tees as possible into the quilt, this last one is a good way to go--cut the designs as small as you can and play with placement to get everything to fit. It's difficult until you get the hang of it. I like to work in chunks and keep a few designs out that I can use as fillers. (I don't cut them until I see what size I'll need.)

24 super ideas for t-shirt quilt layout ideasSome people create a grid before cutting. If you decide to use this sort of aide, remember to add the seam allowance when cutting and know that you can't deviate from the plan, so measure your shirt designs carefully. 

And finally, while you're cutting out designs, keep in mind that it's possible to use any design on a shirt. Pockets, logos, appliques and embroidery can be used in the small areas. To get to a sleeve design, simply cut the sleeve off the shirt and cut seams open from wrist to armpit. You'll be able to lay the sleeve flat. 

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Kaja said...

I love to see a good t-shirt quilt. If I ever want to make one I will know where to look for inspiration.