Monday, November 15, 2010

Find Me on Facebook!

I've posted photos of my quilts on the Fleur de Lis Quilts FB page.  You can find it at this url address:

I've sewn a couple more purses and hope to add them to my etsy shop tomorrow afternoon.  That's if I can get home early enough.  Today I visited the cemetary where my mother was buried two weeks ago.  I cleaned up around her grave and tossed the dead flowers left from the funeral.  Then, of course, I went to visit daddy.  That took lots of time and I missed the light for taking photos, so maybe tomorrow I'll get to shoot the new purses and  reshoot a few hairbows.  They really are pretty, but I'm such a horrible photographer that I somehow manage to make them look bad.  Not a good way to sell online!  In fact, everything thing I read about online shops begins with "Post good photos!"  My poor shop may be doomed.

Here's a question: how can someone see the details of a quilt and be able to find every little problem but not be able to see that a photo is out of focus or that there's something off in the background?  I'm calling it photo blindness--I'm blind to the uglies in my photos.

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