Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Measure twice.....

Yeah, so I decided to make a cute dress for my granddaughter.  Only I had no idea what size she wears, how much she weighs, or how tall she has gotten.  I just know what she looks like.  Apparently that is not enough.  Maybe I'm just a bad judge of how big a pattern will be after it's sewn.  Any-hoo, the dress is too big.  Way too big.  Huge too big.  It will fit a kid three years older than she is.  Oh well, maybe it will fit someone else's granddaughter.

She liked it though.  The corduroy fabric has little teddy bears all over.  It's got a bit of a Christmas feel to it since the bears are wearing green or red striped shirts.  The jumper has a pocket on the front, and I added a little stuffed bear from fabric scraps to a length of ribbon and attached it so it can sleep in the pocket when she's not playing with it, and it won't get lost or dropped when she does play with it.  Lot of good that did.  She didn't even discover the teddy.

It's fine in the end.  I'll make another dress tomorrow three sizes smaller and we'll see how that goes.  If I can figure out what size to use, I may be able to figure out what size to use for the next granddaughter.  My hope is to make each one a matching jumper so they can take pictures together and be even cuter than usual.

Also today I worked on the "Autumn Splendor" quilt that I'd quilted last week.  I've finished the quilting and begun the binding.  Tomorrow I should be able to finish the binding since I've decided to machine it completely.  I read a post on the Quilt Board about machine stitching the binding.  Since I've used this method before, I decided to use it again to save time.  I enjoy hand stitching but there's not likely to be much time for that with the Thanksgiving holidays happening.  And on that happy note: Happy Thanksgiving to my dear readers.

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