Monday, November 15, 2010

Purses--big or small?

I tend to prefer medium-sized purses.  Something just big enough to hold most of what I think I need, but not so big that it will hold everything I can stuff into it.  Goodness knows, I start with good intentions, clean out the wallet, reduce the weight, dump out the hairclips, slips of paper and envelope lists.  But after only a day or two, I'm at it again.....drop this in, I'll put my hair up later; toss that in too, I'll have time to read while in the waiting room; extra change goes in; a grocery list; a card I want to give to someone; and on and on.  So, to reduce the clutter and weight, I wear smaller purses.  I figure that if it fits, it goes in.  If it can't go in, I'll have to figure out a better way to transport it or leave it behind.  Usually I leave it behind.  Rarely do I miss it.

Now I've run into a problem--every purse I see these days is huge, suitcase-sized.  Should I just give in to the trend and make big purses for my etsy?  Or, should I buck the trend, make medium and small purses and hope for the best?  I have a few very small purses that are going nowhere, so I won't be adding to that virtual rack.  But something that a couple of bricks would fit into is just the size for me, am I the only one?  What's your real purse size?  By that I mean what is the size you REALLY prefer?  Forget what's popular or trendy or passe'.  I want to know what size you'd buy if you found the perfect purse.   (We'll tackle pockets on another post....I am too ADHD to deal with more than one topic.)

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