Monday, November 22, 2010

Penny for the Sweeper

Okay, so I started out the day very late.  Then decided that before I started another project, I had to clean house.  There were pieces of threads, bits of fabric, chunks of dirt, interfacing, and torn paper all over the place.  I swept, picked up, put away, and cleaned for about two hours.  The studio looks much better, but it wouldn't hurt to put away a few more items.  How does the place get this way?  Then my ADD/OCD kicked in, and I tweezered thread from the wheels of my chair.  I do that about once or twice a year, or the thread gets so thick that the chair won't roll.  I like being able to scoot from the machine to the ironing board to the work table and back.  It wasn't enough to just get the big stuff out....I had to pick every piece of thread and the strands of hair that wind themselves around the inside of the wheels.  I can swish past the ironing board in one little push now!  Of course, it means I didn't get much sewing done.  So tomorrow I'm going in and something's gonna give.  I'm not coming out till something is complete!  Done!

I'll let you know how that resolve goes :-)

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