Friday, February 25, 2011

Babies and Baptisms

Close up of lacy gown
Satin and lace gown
Matching satin and lace bonnet
 Because we're Catholic, our family tends to baptize our babies not long after birth.  Sunday is the big day to two of our little ones.  Our youngest son and his wife have a one year old who was a preemie at birth and a new-born, both of whom we'll baptize.

 The one-year was baptized when she was just a few days old, but because she was in the NICU, we didn't have the traditional family celebration.  Mom and daddy decided to wait and have one big day for the two girls.  So, we'll pack up and drive down to Rayne for the weekend and have a grand time playing with the children.  There will be lots of little ones since the Marcotte clan now has seven grandchildren and the Peltier clan has three--but of course, two overlap as grandchildren on both sides.  The christening gowns, I'm proud to say, come from my studio.  Although I knew that we'd eventually get to this day, I dislike the idea of pushing my work on my daughters-in-law.

Simple cotton batiste

Matching bonnet for cotton batiste gown 
Occasionally our tastes diverge and to pressure them into using my sewing for any occasion just doesn't seem fair.  Afterall, I was allowed to make my own choices and I want them to have the same options.  So, I make the things I like to make, sew for them when they ask, and offer sometimes.

Close up of cotton batiste
This time, however, I got a phone call requesting a couple of little white dresses.  Easy enough since they were already sewn and were waiting for the occasion to present itself.  Tomorrow I'll wash the three dresses that might work and take them with us.  The two that fit will likely be the ones.  And our two little beauties will be all set for the big day.

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