Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day in the Life

Have I ever mentioned that I have a day job?  I am a library lady....that's what the 7th graders call me, anyway.  Mrs. Library Lady.  My real title: Library Media Specialist.  Love that "specialist" on the end there.  Makes me sound special.  Well, at least I sound like I can do something special.

On the serious side, I really like my job.  Actually, that should be plural, because I also happen to teach.  Yeah, I can multi-task with the best of  them.  Here's how it works, I go in early and deal with middle schoolers who want to check out books.  A bell rings, seniors saunter in slowly (they have senioritis, afterall) and I try to teach English 1002 Dual Enrollment for the local university.  But, I am a multitasker, remember, so I teach DE to two classes at the same time via video-conferencing on a TV hookup deal.  All of which makes for an interesting hour.

Seniors saunter out, and another instructor holds class via the TV VC deal, but it's biology, so I get to sit back and do my own thing.  It's usually my time to catch up with messages, phone calls, emails, snail mail, etc.  I also generally trot down to the office area just to see how much they miss me now that I'm too busy to visit for a while.

Finally, we move into third hour, and my darlings come in....they are my office workers.  We shelve books, move things around and do library stuff.  The rest of the day is spent doing other library stuff....processing books, working on Accelerated Reader/STAR Reading, cleaning, vacuuming, dealing with classes and students and teachers.  Eventually a final bell rings and everyone goes home.  I generally hang out for a good 20 minutes to an hour finishing up whatever chore I'd decided to accomplish for the day.  Students drop in after school or perhaps I'll get tutoring started.  Most importantly thought, at some point I get to come home to my darling husband and my quilt studio and Cotton, our little Maltese.

Doesn't it make sense now that I have this background design on my blog?  So, what's a day in your life like? Leave a comment.

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Thea said...

It's great to love your job. Thanks for sharing what you do.

Janice said...

I was a library rat. I hung out in the young adult book section at my local library every chance I got. I use to ride my bike about 5 miles to get there. Once she got to know me the "library lady" would let me help shelve books and save books for me that she thought I would like. She made me feel good about being a geeky, bookwormish girl.

Thanks for all that you do for the kids that use your library.

Seams Inspired said...

Sounds as if every day can be exciting and interesting. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday! :o)

Kirsten's Cooking said...

As the mother of a seventh-grade boy, I salute you!!!

Thanks for all you do -

Happy FTF

Shay said...

Your job sounds incredibly busy and actually quite a bit of fun. I was always drawn to the idea of being a librarian but chose a different path.

You're inlfuencing young people to get excited about learning /reading / and all sorts of others things. That's fantastic. I adore reading and still remember the names of my Primary and High School librarians vividly!

Thanks for linking up to FTF this week. It was great to "meet" you and have you share what you obviously enjoy!