Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a lovely birthday!  Richard and I spent the day at work but we made up for it by going to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner--The Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant in Washington, LA.  Photos of the restaurant and other beautiful places in and around this historic little town can be found at
http://www.pbase.com/ourlouisiana/image/56726830.  If you ever find yourself in Cajun Country Louisiana, this is definitely a place to visit.  The quaint little town has lots to do and see.  Just a walking tour is worth the visit, toss in a meal at The Steamboat, and perhaps a night at one of the many B&B's, and you've got a weekend filled with memories.

Louisiana: Acadian Village, Lafayette

Of course, I'm a proud Louisianan and wish that everyone had the chance to know my Louisiana the way I do.  The culture, local color, and languages are some of the parts of my Louisiana that are indescribable.  The people, well, what can I say? Louisianans are different!  You have to know us to appreciate us and knowing us takes a while.  We're storytellers and laughing fools.  We love fun and family and friends are friends for life.

Louisiana: This is one of many gators we saw !!!  Awesome !!!

We share a heritage that we are rightfully proud of.  And we aren't afraid to be ourselves.
And that's just a start!

Louisiana: A beautiful bird in flight

There's the natural beauty of our swamps, bayous, rivers, prairies and woods.  The fawn and fauna kept John James Audubon busy for years and after an adult life of visiting my home state--its parks, historic places, antebellum homes, and amusement places--I still have many, many places to see and visit and doubt that I'll ever be able to see or visit them all.

But I recommend you begin with just a weekend or two: too much of our rich food, culture and history could be a bit too much for anyone.

Thanks for visiting my blog and here's hoping that one day you'll visit my Louisiana!

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OnePerfectDay said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Louisiana must be a truly beautiful place!