Sunday, February 6, 2011

The old home place

"I cannot count my day complete 'til needle, thread and fabric meet." -Anonymous 

I found this quote on the Mountain Home Quilts blog, which, I must say is very interesting.   Apparently the way to live is pretty much the way my family has been raised.  Of course, 20+ years ago, it was backward and old-school and the only way I knew.  Afterall, my seven sisters and I were raised on a small family farm by parents who stayed married for 51 years.  They had lived the "dream" of working for a large company.   It just didn't work for two adults who wanted to live a simple life.  While we all worked hard to raise the vegetables that we 

 sold at farmers markets and a few grocery stores, it was the simple life that my mom and dad dreamed about.  I was only seven when we moved to Plaucheville but I can remember the excitement in their faces from owning their own home, with 25 acres for farming and kids.  There was no place on the farm where I didn't feel safe and when I needed space from all those sisters, it was easy to get lost.

Today the farm is grown up in weeds and small trees.  Mom and dad retired several years ago and traveled all over the country in their small RV.  In the  meantime the weeds and grass and trees took over.  I haven't ventured out beyond the barn in many years and probably wouldn't recognize some of my favorite childhood places.   Now momma is dead and daddy is 81 years old.  I have to wonder what will happen to the place of so many childhood memories.  I can only hope that eventually it will go to someone whose life is spent raising children and living the quiet, simple life.  Thanks to a growing trend to return to old-school ways, living a simple life does not mean living a backward life.

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