Friday, February 4, 2011

Cottontop Cutie Pie

My darling husband took me seriously about eight years ago when I showed him a picture of a little white dog and said I wanted on like that.  
Turns out that what I thought was a Maltese really was a Westie.  He had no clue either way and bought a Maltese for my birthday.  At the time he and our son were talking about getting a Black Lab.  

So when I came home one day about a week before my birthday and heard a whine coming from a basket with a big red bow, I just knew he had gotten Rory a Lab.  He just laughed when I threatened him if he'd really gotten a big black dog.  Finally, I could not take the whining any longer and opened the basket fully expecting that I would be even angrier.  The most darling, cutest puppy peered from inside the basket, and it was love at first sight. 

There was no doubt that he was my puppy from the moment I gently lifted him from the basket.  He has been a constant companion for the last eight years.  Cotton comes on vacation with us, sits in our laps when we are in the house, follows in my footsteps, and is happiest when I walk in the house after work.  In fact, when Richard and I come home at the same time, Richard usually opens the door.  Cotton races out past Rich straight to the car to greet me.  And he becomes my shadow until I leave again. 

He's even named after me.  My grandfather called me Cottontop when I was a child because my hair was so blond.  I am a brunette now with a touch of grey and silver peeking through the brown.  Cot, however, is just as white as ever.  His footpads, lips and eyes are strikingly black and his skin is pink under all that hair.  It's really funny though how soft and fine his hair is.  In fact, I keep it cut fairly short because he has static issues.  Since I do also, thanks to my fine, thin hair and dry skin, I often get a "charge" from him.  

 The charge is not much of a zap, but it is a surprise for the two of us.  Besides, baths are not a lot of fun and long hair only adds to the process of combing out the tangles and mats.  Bath time is the only time he avoids me.  He looks away and sometimes tries to hide when I say "bath."  As though if he doesn't hear the word, he won't be subjected to the routine.  Otherwise, he's happy to sit or lie in my comfy as it is possible for a puppy to get.  Check out that position of lying on his back, paws up, lolling around lazy as a sleeping sloth.

Even the grandchildren can't lure him away.  Oh, he may go get the toy, but he brings it to me.  And he may go eat a few bites of food but only if I am in the kitchen also.  To keep him comfortable around the house, and to give me a chance to get anything done, I've got beds in several places.  That way he can lie down to wait for me while I'm cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc.  

Of course, he has toys, blankies, beds, and treats all over the house.  But really, all he wants is to climb in my lap and get comfy.  That's little lap puppy.


Jan Maree said...

Oh how gorgeous! and just like a true dog should be! Spoilt rotten! Love him. Give him a scrathc behind the ears or where ever his favourite spot is from me!

Kate said...

Definitely a cutie!

P. said...

What an adorable little dog! He looks very cuddly!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

So sweet!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

His favorite scratch spot is on his ribs, but he won't complain about getting scratched behind his ears!