Monday, March 21, 2011

Blue Monday continues

Here's a Blue Monday idea--share your blue quilts on Mondays right here on my blog.  Send me a photo of any quilt you've made with primarily blue colors.  You can send your photos to my regular email address (  I'll drop it on the blog on the first Monday that comes along after receiving the photos.

Paisley in Pictures
And because I'm liking the idea so much, I'm going to start with a Blue Monday quilt of my own.  This quilt is one I started a couple of years ago.  I got stuck while trying to quilt it on my Bernina.  I didn't have the long arm at the time and thought I could quilt and applique at the same time, which I did, but I also decided to use the only batt I had--a thick poly batting that made it almost impossible to do everything at once.  I worked on it till I just got sick of the struggle.  I pulled it out last week and loaded it on the long arm.  It wasn't easy and normally we don't even attempt something so backward, but what can I say, I wanted it done!

It's titled "Paisley in Pictures" and is a medallion quilt of paisley motifs that I appliqued on.  My idea was simply that I wanted to make my on paisley print.  I know, it's crazy in a way: I could just buy paisley printed fabric.  But, as you can see, I wanted BIG paisley motifs.  I also wanted to play with the idea of creating and having fun designing different paisley patterns.  To stretch the quilt and add to the patterns, I added a couple of strips of additional on one end and another on the opposite end.  I framed the small pictures and the central medallion....and that's where I got the name.  Hope you enjoy and have had a great Blue Monday!

Here are a few close ups of the individual patterns in the medallion:

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