Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blue Monday

For my first ever Blue Monday post, I thought I'd introduce to you a concept that I've worked on for a few months--in an on again, off again, sort of way.  Mostly I have an idea in my head...that is that I would make a baby quilt every so often loosely based on childhood nursery rhymes.  Thus far I've completed two, both of them blue.  So, they're perfect for a Blue Mondaypost.  Of course this mean that I'll have to keep up two ideas:  Blue Monday and the nursery rhyme theme.  I certainly won't commit to a nursery rhyme quilt for every Blue Monday!  But, for today they work quite well together.  

Though it's difficult to see in this photo, I wrote the words to the nursery rhyme in the quilting.  "Little Boy Blue / Come blow your horn / The sheep's in the meadow / The cow's in the corn / Where's the little boy / who looks after the sheep? / He's under the haystack / Fast asleep.  The blue represent the boy's clothing while the yellow and yellow browns symbolize the haystacks.

The second quilt in the series, "Nimble and Quick" is  a quilt that I made after discovering Bargello.  I have tons of blue fabrics and chose to use some to make a quick and easy Bargello.  As it began to take shape I kept seeing a candle in there.  I know, it's hard to see, but in my mind it's there.
 I had been thinking of how it might fit into the nursery rhyme theme.  The only nursery rhyme I know that includes a candle is "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick."  Hence, the name, "Nimble and Quick."  To add to the nursery rhyme feel, I wrote the words to the nursery rhyme in the border quilting then added a few candles at either end of the line.  It turned out kind of cute, don't you think?

Here's hoping you had a productive Blue Monday!


Sharie - Moss Bluff said...

Don't you think naming quilts is fun? I think about it and think about up until I make that label. It is probably the hardest part about making the quilt. I like your Blue Monday quilts and the way you have quilted them.

Betty Lou said...

I have a passion for baby quilts and love both blue quilts. Haven't really thought of naming my quilts but might give it a try. Blue Monday's----cleaver idea.