Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cottontop Cutty

I spent much of my Sunday afternoon with my baby, and Cotton got a trim.  Two hours later and he's maybe a little worse for wear.  Definitely I was.  

First we had to set up a clipping center and, since he hates getting a haircut even more than I dread giving him one, it takes more than just a simple table to plop him down on.  A few years ago we purchased a serving cart for the patio.  Since we rarely use it for serving anything, I decided to try it out for other duties.  

I often put plants on it because the wheels make moving them around much easier.  Today I used it to contain Cotton while trimming his overly long winter coat.  After I hauled out the clippers, combs, scissors, and so on, I cornered him.  He can tell, I'm absolutely certain, when it's about to be 'bathtime' or grooming time or whatever time.  

Check out the hair piles!  After it's all done, I still have to clean up, so back to the utility go the clippers, combs, etc. To get rid of the hair, I sweep it up and toss it out in the yard.  

The birds will come along for the next few days and pick it up to add to their nests. I supposed their nests are warmer and softer,  so I'm sure the chicks appreciate that we are so earth-friendly.  Now if only Cotton could appreciate how much he helps the birdies by getting a good winters-end trim.
At least he appreciates that it feels much better.  When he was finally allowed to escape, he raced around the yard jumping and hopping and shaking off the weighty feeling of all that hair.  

He still needs a bath after the haircut, but that will have to wait till he slows down a bit.  In the meantime, I will walk around the yard checking out the new growth, the work we did over the weekend and the work left to be done in the next few weeks.  

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