Monday, March 28, 2011

More Spring Pictures

Indian Hawthorne on one side of house
Really, it's as tall as I am, but I don't want to cut it.
 I love the messy, overgrown look!

Today's post is going to consist of mostly pictures, because, well, there's only so much to say about one's yard, or springtime, or how much of the work I didn't do.  So I'll spare you the verbage, or at least some of it.  The photos are pretty cool, though, so here's a look.
Lady Banks rose that someone ran over last year.  Still going strong, but I really
expected it to die after a son (who will remain nameless) squashed it to the ground
last summer.  It looks good and there are new shoots coming from the roots.
So, maybe.........
An oak in the front yard putting
on it's new green leaves
Ornamental pear--flowers are finished; greening up
This pyracantha bush is the one that had all the berries last fall.
The next photo is the one I took and posted in Nov., I think.  

Pyracantha berries last fall.  Note that they are all gone now.
The birds wait to eat these last , but I guess they finally decided to dig in,
because there is noting left of the berries on the pic from today.

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