Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilt Judging articles

A while back someone from the Quilting Board asked where she could find articles on how judges look at a work when judging quilts.  I did a little research and found these articles from several sites to send to her.  Naturally, my interest was piqued, so I wanted to save them to read later, but thought you might also enjoy them.  They are in no particular order, just pasted to the blog in much the same order as I found them.  I honestly don't even remember what I did to get to these and, though I haven't read them all, I've found good info in those I've looked at.  Some are general articles, others are pretty specific and still others are from people who are judges themselves.  If nothing else, they make for pretty good reads just for the tips and insider info that they provide.  Enjoy!

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