Sunday, March 20, 2011

Louisiana Nursery Festival

We enjoyed a couple of hours at the Nursery Festival in Forest Hill.  Well, mostly we enjoyed visiting a few nurseries since the traffic was so backed-up on the highway that we finally gave up trying to get to the festival proper.  A couple of stops yielded a couple of fig trees, some blueberry bushes and some bedding plants for the flower beds.

Today we took some time to go to Moreauville to get a load of soil to amend the beds, and Richard planted the trees and blueberry plants.  The blueberry bushes have blooms and berries on them already, so we're pretty sure that we'll have a least a few berries this summer.

2011 poster from the La. Nursery Festival website
While outside, I checked the peach tree and saw that there are quite a few peaches on the branches.  Since peaches are my favorite fruit, I am very happy to see that my little tree is loaded down.  So, spring is shaping up and promises to become a fabulous summer.  Here's hoping that your garden and yard are doing so well.

Of course, giving up on going to the festival means we also didn't get to the arts and crafts booths.  I wanted to check it out, although we've been before.

Here's the link to the Louisiana Nursery Festival in case you're interested in seeing a few photos from past festivals.  I've also dropped in a photo of the 2011 festival poster.  The festival is a large one for our state and attracts visitors from all over the U.S. and even a few visitors from other countries.  It definitely is worth the trip to our beautiful state.

Richard and I decided to have lunch at Lea's Lunchroom as we were driving through Lecompte.  We had the delicious ham with rice and gravy, white beans, coleslaw and cornbread.  A filling lunch, that's certain, but we managed to share a slice of peach pie.  My favorite!  Click here to visit their website: Lea's Lunchroom.  If you're ever in central Louisiana around noon, make the quick drive to Lecompte for lunch, but save room for pie!

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