Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know, an English teacher should know that "bleaggghhhh" is not a word.  Too bad, sound it out.  Definitely it's the only word/sound that comes close to my current state of YUCK.  Don't you just love a disgusting stomach bug?  That's what I'm bound to have.  I left school in a state of misery to arrive home much worse and getting worse still.  Hours of sleep later and I feel human, but this bug probably won't let me go.  Sure hope I can make it to work tomorrow......Prom does not decorate itself, and we're building an Eiffel Tower in the after noon.  After all, how can we have "Midnight in Paris" if there's no ET?Midnight In Paris Kit, Paris City Lights Decorations Kit
This is what our setting should look like: check out that Eiffel Tower and the beautiful gates.  Yes, all that!  So far, we've built the little lights, the hedges, and the gates.  We'll finish the columns that hold up the gates tomorrow and work on the tower.  Friday is the final day of setup, so we'll be scrambling but I'm hopeful that we have enough already built that we won't be cleaning and decorating all night.  Saturday is the BIG DAY.  No decorating, no, dresses, tuxedos, limos, etc. but nothing at school until the music and photographer arrive.  Sunday is cleanup and Monday it's all d-o-n-e!  Of course, I get to do it all with my new friend, stomach bug.

Here's hoping that this is one bug that does not find you, and that our Eiffel Tower goes up without a hitch.  I'll post pictures of the final outcome this weekend.  Most likely, between my stomach bug and Prom, there won't be many posts in the next day or two.

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