Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friendships and Initial Tees

I have a great friend.  One who is willing to haul around this tub of pretty Vera Bradley fabrics.  She happens to be a great artist able to create smart looking letters.  And she is especially generous.  By that I mean she shared her fabrics and created letters of my initials.  

Did I mention how generous she is?  Well, she also has a small side business designing and creating appliqued shirts for college sororities and for individuals.  So she ordered the shirts for me also.

It was lots of fun making the first one.  I have a couple more to go and will tweak the placement just a hair, but I'm really pleased with my first attempt.  Since I took the picture looking into the mirror, the letters are backwards but correct in real life.  This shirt is extra soft and perfect for a girl who can't handle much heat.  It's also a little big because tight clothing is an uncomfortable distraction.  

Having you in my life has been a blessing, Letabug.  I love you!

These are some of the shirts posted on Leta's FB page.  Aren't they impressive?  You can find her FB here.  Do me a favor and go like her page.  

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