Monday, December 22, 2014

Sock Monkey Photo Shoot

Yesterday I told you about the battle of the sock monkey and how I lost both the battle and the war.

Well, apparently I also lost some photo space on my phone.  When the grands come they often use a phone to call their parents or a friend.  I try to avoid that because if someone asks to borrow a phone, it generally means that the someone has lost phone privileges.  Getting between a punished grandchild and an angry mother is not the smartest thing anyone can do, and I try to be smart.

Richard keeps his phone attached to his hip, literally, and it's not a smart phone, so it's below their standards to begin with.  My phone, an Android (?) suits their needs and has a little stylus that they love. Guess whose phone is always in the fray.  

So the sock monkey saga continued, unbeknownst to me. Apparently Leroy begged for a photo shoot.  He likes taking pictures.  Dusti had both time and my phone in her hand, so Leroy posed. Dusti is quite adept at taking pictures so she played photographer and Leroy played himself.  These pictures are the result.

 He even got to relax and listen to music with Lane.

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