Saturday, December 27, 2014

Designing Gift Fabric

Now that Christmas is almost over, or at least the gift-giving part is over, I can share a couple of projects that I've been working on. They were Christmas gifts, you understand, and while most of my girls do not read my blog, some of them do (or say they do), and I didn't want to give any surprises away.

One project was a long-range commitment for me.  I designed and ordered some fabric through Spoonflower.  I was able to purchase only one yard...perfect for my "needs."

Then I turned the fabric into some pretty little makeup bags for the beautiful girls in my life.   

One for each of the daughters-in-law that is a nice square, traditional size.  They're about 7 X 8, so they'll hold a nice bit of makeup without being too bulky for a purse or bag.  

 Then I made three more in a different shape and size.  Thinking that the middle girls (granddaughters between 11 and 16 years old) would like to use them differently.  So these are shaped to hold makeup, brushes, or just pens, markers or highlighters.  The zippers are 9 inches but the width is only about four inches.  
I love that the twist keeps the bag open and gives it a funky, fun look.  Originally, I'd made one for Dusti and Alayna, but Jolie got some makeup from Santa, so I added her to my list and quickly made hers today.

In the end, this was a fun project.  The fabric costs much more per yard ($17) but designing it was fun.  I really wanted fabric that would tell them how beautiful they are.  How better than to design fabric that literally says, "You are beautiful" in several ways? 

Phrases include 

  • beautiful, love
  • Good Morning, Sunshine (thank you, Robin Meade)
  • lovely lady
  • razzle dazzle
  • hey good looking
  • & you're stunning
  • divine darling (spelled devine dahlin'--the way it sounds)
  • gorgeous, girl
  • sweet
  • jolie and ma cherie (pretty and my dear, respectively) 
  • hello beautiful (which is the name of Meggan's sister's salon).

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Karen S said...

This is a great idea. It really makes the gifts special and very personal.