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13 Smart Uses for Candle Stubs

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13 ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle used candle wax
When a candle burns down to the bottom, but there's still lots of wax left, what do you do?  Toss the whole thing, container and all? Peel out the bits of wax to wash and use the container?  Dig out the wax and reuse both it and the container?  I, of course, prefer the last option.  

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The problem, sometimes, is getting the wax out of the container. But, there's a trick to removing the stubs and pieces of candle. Warm the wax by putting the candle and holder in a bowl or pot of hot water. 

If necessary, increase the temperature of the water by slowing adding hotter water. If the container is glass, be careful so you don't break the glass by adding hot water too quickly. 

To remove the wax use a butter knife to pry the wax out or cut the wax into chunks first.  Just be extra careful so you don't break the glass or hurt yourself with the knife. You can find information on ways that I've repurposed glass jars here.

Ways to reuse candle wax.

Image result for zipper1. Rub on metal zipper teeth to help the pull slide smoother.

2. Coat metal rods, such as shower curtain rods, towel rods, etc. to clean and delay rusting.

3. Rub on drawer mechanisms to help it glide smoothly.

4. Warm in microwave and rub onto metal parts of can openers to loosen rust and coat the gears.
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5. Use on the soleplate of a hot iron to clean it and help it slide easier.

6. Rub on sticky door hinges to lubricate.

7. Make fire-starters.  Stuff paper towel or tissue cardboard roll (cut to about six inch lengths) with lint, small sticks, and dry leaves, pour melted wax in.  Be extra careful with hot wax!

Image result for garden tools8. Warm and coat clean garden tools with a layer of wax before putting away for winter.

9. Use as a wax resist for dyeing fabric.

10. Use in a candle warmer if the candle still has scent to it.
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11. Use to waterproof leather boots . Warm the wax so that it is pliable but not completely melted, rub on the leather and buff down with a soft cotton cloth.

12. Emergency candle when the electricity goes out.

13. Melt down the wax into the bottom of a candle holder before putting a new candle in.  As it cools the hot wax works as a glue base to hold the new candle in. 

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