Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S E L V A G E S

Selvages are all the rage.  So here are a few items made with selvage scrap fabric.

selvage projects and scrappy Dresden quilt
Not sure what those selvage markings mean? You can learn a lot if you know how to "read" them!

silhouette...Background is selvage edges - amazing idea!How to sew selvedges together to make a panel of fabric ~ Sew Delicious

Selvage Pin Cushion Tutorial:

Something to do with all those fabric edges... maybe in a craft room?

AWESOME use of fabric selvages to cover an office chair seat, from Sew We Quilt@Stash Manicure.

I LOVE the selvage pillow! I am so glad to see I'm not the only one that loves the selvage ends!Save the selvages-Sample Project

Use the selvage scraps from fabric for their own projects. Super cute idea.

Selvage Shoes Tutorial. Very cool! I am so making some of these!!

Cute! Feathers are a great way to use selvages - the ones with fuzzy edges would add some fun texture here. Love it!

selvage apron--my grandma would have loved this. She never threw anything away!

Check information about bags here

Using selvages- The trees are just raw edge appliqued on with the ticker-tape technique so they will have fuzzy edges

Selvage Blog: Kim's Selvage Sewing Machine Cover* this woman's blog is amazing.  she makes most anything from selvage

A few selvage quilts...
Moms Selvage Quilt - Selvage Blog:

I love the use of selvages on this unique quilt!:

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Selvage Bookshelf Quilt by designer jessicaquilter.:

My next selvage quilt, for sure. The black/white unifying strip down the center of each block just MAKES this quilt happen! Lollyquiltz: Save the Selvage:

MODERN GRAY Selvage Quilt Pattern from Quilts by carolinasquirrell:

Selvage spools mini quit by Synnoeve Kristiansen Dyresen (Norway) seen at Raggie Girls

Inspiring...enlarge your own stamped fingerprint, print out and use carbon paper to copy the fingerprint cut/paste/write/colour/ write memories/phrases/poems or something personal...more suggestions?

Simple Selvage Squares quilt:

Selvage Whirlwind Quilt Top first selvage quilt that I have liked:

Amazing Bookshelf Quilt - via Selvage Blog:

You can find these and other pins on my "selvage, projects" Pinterest board.


Kaja said...

I want the chair! And the slippers!

Karen S said...

I am always amazed at the creativeness and patience of people when I see some of these projects.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Haha, Kaja, you can have both! You know how to make them!

Karen, I know! Just the time to make the "fabric" is amazing. Well, there's gathering all the selvages, too. I would ask every sewing friend I have to save up for me. Maybe they begin with small projects and keep going to bigger and bigger things. I can't see starting out with the idea of covering a chair!