Friday, January 1, 2016

Thinking ahead to 2016

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Some bloggers wrote one post on which they reviewed 2015 and planned for 2016.  I'm not one.  That would require that I think back and plan ahead.  My brain is not wired to do both and make sense.  So I'm doing things in my own time and in my own way.  

This post is about my goals and hopeful plans.  First, though, there are the things of Life. Some good Life things, some not so good Life things. For example, I am seriously considering retiring from teaching. Richard and I hope to travel a bit. He has aging parents. The children are independent but the grandchildren are all holding on tightly

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Life's list seems endless. Not that I'm complaining.  I want Life to get in the way!  Not negatively, of course, but even the difficult times have their purpose.  And I need the occasional reminder or Life lesson just as much as anyone.  No no, bring it on, Life!  Just don't make it too difficult. And please give me some quilty breaks on occasion. 

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So what do I hope to accomplish?  I want to be and do better. I want to learn and grow and push myself out of this comfy recliner. I can always improve as a wife, mother, friend, person.  So I want those things, too, but for now I'll stick to quilting and blogging. 

2016 Goals

  • Increase content. I wrote 240 posts in 2015, which averages about four posts weekly. I’m shooting for five posts which would bring the total up to 260. 20 additional posts.  Doable.
  • More finishes. I tend to stick to big quilts rather than small projects.  I'd like to challenge myself with small projects for which I can write tutorials. I can write at least. I'd love suggestions. I need suggestions. Ask for quilting stuff you want to learn. Or general sewing. I could help you! Win. Win.
My scraps. My photo. See?
  • Use more scraps.  AmandaJean at Crazy Mom Quilts is my heroine. Hero. Sewer. Sewist. Seamstress. Whatever. I want her scrap stash. And her pincushions.
  • Keep track of fabric usage. I originally thought that meant figuring out how much I have to begin with. No, nothing so daunting. Well then, perhaps I can do this. Figure out how much I use and buy. Keep track. Done. Maybe. It’s math dependent. That’s scary, but I should try.
  • Better photos. The almost impossible one. Really. I have no idea what I’m doing with a camera. I’m trying the Craftsy class for using the camera on my phone—Mobile Photography with Jack Davis. Jack Davis is good. Amazing actually. I’m not. I’m not even good. I try. I’ll try harder. No promises. 
  • Keep pinning.  I still enjoy Pinterest. I'll keep going. Pin It Weekly and Sunday Quilt Inspiration seem to be my thing. I'll hang on through 2016.
That's the plan. The big beginning on day one. 2016 here we go!  


Dona said...

You have a lot of great goals for 2016! I enjoyed surfing through your blog.

Karen S said...

Good luck with your plans. If you enjoy doing them, it will be easy to achieve.

Kaja said...

Good luck with your goals (especially the ones with math in them). I have found the more photos I take, the better I am at getting what I want.

Mary Marcotte said...

Hi all! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm hoping that writing them pushes me just a bit to work on them. If nothing else, I'll have something to go back to for reference when I've fallen away from the goal. Kaja, the math plan is scary but I don't have to try to do algebra! I also have a sister who teaches math, so there's a safety net under me! She doesn't like teaching me, though, because I tell her when something doesn't make sense to me. lol And maybe I'm opinionated.