Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: W E A T H E R

Here's to scheduling a post and forgetting to check on it: apparently I do not know how to schedule nor do I have the memory to check. So a day late...apologies everyone!

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Weird weather? Inspired quilts!  Here's hoping you're not having weird weather. Well, nothing worse than our strange hot-today, cold-tomorrow, stuff.  

Bad weather can make good photos, but it can also damage your gear. Protect your camera in extreme weather using these tips.:

I wore long sleeves and a sweater this morning and kicked up a sweat (without the sweater) walking this afternoon. No more of that craziness...I'm keeping an old tee close so I can change quickly when the weather mood strikes.

Camille Seaman is a photographer, born in 1962 in the USA, chasing extreme weather across the country and capturing it at its peak. Some of her clients include National Geographic Magazine & Newsweek.:

Now this...this is just terrifying! Give me the misery of humidity and mosquitoes any time. Yes, the mosquitoes are just as annoying in January as they are in July.

Angry Skies Photograph  - Angry Skies Fine Art Print

Clouds - variations of white..... This is why I'll fight anyone for the window seat on a flight. Amazing.:

Heavenly sunset over the Golden State Bridge,San Francisco:

So, a storm at sea quilt surely goes into the weather-inspired stack, right?

"Weather the Storm" by Elizabeth Bauman (Ohio.) Detail. 2nd place - Large Quilt - Home Machine Quilted. 2015 AQS Quilt Week - Grand Rapids. Photo by Mama Spark.:
"Weather the Storm" by Elizabeth Bauman (Ohio.)
My new quilt, Storm at sea, before quilting:

Our Hearts Will Go On quilt pattern | Fabric Addict

And anything with stars (like my "star, quilts) board here.

Leftover HSTs Baby Quilt by phr0gg, via Flickr:

Nice color scheme:

Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts: Another New Pattern: Moroccan Lanterns Now On Sale

Winter Blessings Free Quilt Pattern by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass Fabrics:

Kathy Loomis glacier quilt: Last year I was privileged to go to Antarctica. I've always been a lover of cold weather and the big ice we saw, sailed around and walked upon was breathtaking. I was fascinated by the myriad of colors of blue in the ice, the veins of dirt, the complex fracture patterns as chunks cleave and break away. I attempted to depict these fascinations in my quilt "Big Ice."":
Kathy Loomis glacier quilt

Funoldhag  --  Edyta Sitar pattern Dancing Umbrellas done with charm squares.  About 22 x 27.:

Weather Vane designed by Darlene Zimmerman. Features #MorningsideFarmFabric designed by Darlene Zimmerman, shipping to stores April 2016. Fat quarter friendly. FREE pattern will be available to download from in November 2015. #FREEatrobertkaufmandotcom:
Weather Vane designed by Darlene Zimmerman

Clouds and Colorful Raindrop Quilt on Etsy, $80.38 AUD:

The rain drops above and ocean waves blocks probably fit in the weather category. Plus anything with a snowflake!
Ocean waves baby quilt:  “Baby Waves” from "Jelly Babies:  Quilts from 2-1/2" Strips" at That Patchwork Place.:
Christmas Jelly Roll Race:

And finally, a Mariner's Compass quilt (or 2 or 3)
Edyta Sitar New Quilt Patterns | This quilt is a stunner! The quilter who made this beautiful Edyta ...

Mariner's Compass:

Mariner's Compass:

Parasol quilt by Mindy Powell | Quilting Together: May 2014:

Your turn! What quilt(s) have you made or seen that may have been inspired by weather?  Visit my "heart, quilts" board more more inspiring photos.

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jenclair said...

Such wonderful weather photographs--the last one of the Golden Gate Bridge is magical. And all of the weather-related quilts are beautiful. My favorites are the glacier quilt and the umbrella quilt. Such different approaches, styles, and colors, but the two I would choose to own.