Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pin It Weekly #138

It's cold here.  Well, not this cold.  Cold enough, though. Wet, miserable cold.  Gusty, windy, chill-to-the-bone cold. 

On this Winter Day by Nancy Prince
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We don't have ice and snow.  We don't get much snow, but ice comes along pretty often. I mean, not like this. Thick ice...that's not much of a problem. If we want to skate, we have to pay an ice rink. 

Large sleigh with snow angels

So the scenes from On This Winter Day by Nancy Prince and Linda French, which won “Best of Show” at the 2014 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, are not at all familiar to Louisianans. 

Horse and Cart

We mostly just complain about the cold, look at beautiful art of cold, and cuddle under quilts when we think it's cold. 

On this Winter Day: House with bridge

I can't imagine that anyone cuddles under this beauty! If you'd like more information about the quilt, visit Bernina's We All Sew website. The quilt was made on a Bernina 830, so the site showcased it on the 20th. The quilt makers explain quite a bit about their amazing quilt and how they achieved the details. A must read!

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Kaja said...

Oh my goodness - I didn't realise that was a quilt until you said!