Saturday, January 30, 2016

Grands, Grins and Gear

Grandchildren can be ridiculously silly.  "I'm so bored."

And beautiful. "Two pictures, Gram, cause we're twice as beautiful when we're together."

And silly.  "No Dusti, you'll mess up my makeup!" (Said very late in the day.)

And needy. (Why is it always the grandparents to the rescue? Has anyone else noticed, or is it just in the Marcotte family?)

Dusti hung a pocket on the drawer pull and tore it almost completely off. Of course, she left it here for Grandmay to fix. "But do it now because it's the pocket where I put my cell phone!"

It was a tough sell, but I did the job in about two minutes.  Didn't even bother to change the thread color.  I had a neutral beige-brown already in the machine and just went with it. Who can tell the difference?  

Not the cutie wearing it. And she watched me sew the jacket "in the wrong color!"  She got over it as soon as she had the jacket in hand.

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Kaja said...

How lovely to have them all nearby, even if they do bring their mending.