Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Wrap Up -- Looking Back for Growth

In early January I decided to make and post some resolutions for my quilting and blog. I suppose it’s time to revisit those and analyze how well I did.

8 Baby Quilts all together
Plan: Increase blog content.  Apparently I’ve hit my stride in writing blog posts. This is the fourth year that I’ve written 200-250 posts.  So while I didn’t increase my writing numbers, I did learn something from the goal.

Plan: More finishes.  Here’s one that is a success! I have completed 21 projects this year. I had planned to challenge myself to make smaller projects because I tend to make bed-size quilts. I made eight baby quilts plus a few larger quilts, including one huge (king-size) quilt.

Large and larger quilt projects (except LSU) and one green chair
Plan: Use more scraps.  Another win! I’ve made several small quilts using scraps and many pincushions.

Sunvisors for Dusti's Ford
Plan: Keep track of fabric usage. I’ve faithfully posted my fabric usage each month (except once when I forgot, but I added it in with the following month). I’ll post totals for the year in a few days.

Plan: Better photos. At least I was honest with myself about this goal being, “the almost impossible one.” I even tried a Craftsy class, Mobile Photography with Jack Davis, to improve. I don’t think it was successful.    

Plan: Keep pinning.  “Pin It Weekly” and “Sunday Quilt Inspiration” are my thing. I decided to continue with both through 2016 and found that apparently a few followers do as well. Hopefully you are one.

I am very happy to say that this look back at the past year has been a great reminder of all the things I tried: recovering sun visors, painting and quilting art pieces, recovering my office chair, and now the rag rug that I am currently working on for the camper bathroom. If nothing else, I'm versatile and willing to take risks, but I think I've always known that.

I hope you had a wonderful 2016 and are looking forward to new dreams and learning in 2017. Thank you for the friendships and the joy that you've shared with me. I only hope that I paid you in kind--well, as much as that is possible anyway. I'll be around to visit as many blogs as I can to read your reviews and see how your resolutions for the new year.

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Kaja said...

What a great round up of your quilting year; it seems that you did pretty well in working on the goals you set at the start of 2016, and it's lovely to see all your quilts in one place, along with some of your other achievements (that chair is still one of my favourites). Here's to a great 2017!