Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pin It Weekly #185

What does one do when a babysitter chooses to listen to her charge and attempt to make silly putty? Join in the "fun" to prevent real disaster. Nos to almost every request don't necessarily work, you see. Especially when both the sitter and the charge are grands. 

Dish Soap Silly Putty
They watched videos on how to make the silly putty and then decorate a glass jar to store it. 
Note a couple of problems: 
1. The recipe does not work. At all. 
2. Glass jar? For children? Who didn't think this through? 
3. Not every ingredient is readily available in the amount specified. But we were good. 

Then we ran errands...and returned to the idea from hell. Why can't a 7-year-old forget something that grown-ups know is going to be a disaster? Aaarugh? So we made silly putty using the recipe on the right.

Epic fail. Epic mess. Epic clean-up. Epic let's-go-do-something-else-and-get-out-of-grandmay's-hair-until-she-cleans-up! 

Ask if we decorated a glass jar to store the mess. Ask if the Dawn dish soap that we wasted is expensive. Ask if there's any cornstarch left in the house. 

Top 10 Activities For Toddler Boys | I Heart Arts n Crafts: How to Make Homemade Silly Putty with Glue and Liquid Starch This stuff stretches and oozes. If you give it a sharp pull, it will break.  But if you hold it up, it oozes down. It’s thicker than slime and perfect for making prints with objects. We had fun mixing up several different colors of silly …:

Jelly/Jello Silly Putty!: Now ask if I pinned any of these silly putty recipes. Ha!

But I have pinned a few other ideas. And thank goodness, because this DIY is not the one to choose. Try these instead.

DIY Confetti Party Poppers | Click Pic for 20 DIY New Years Eve Party Ideas…10 New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids - 10+ awesome New Year’s Eve crafts and activities for kids – the entire family is going to want to join in on the fun! Coloring party hats, a printable word search, DIY party poppers, confetti launchers, glitter wands and more! SO much fun!:
25 New Years Crafts for Kids:

My First Year Photo Holder Picture Frame

Handmade noisemakers for midnight New Year's Eve celebrations - great craft for kids!:

Engineering STEM activity for kids - Build a cardboard box marble labyrinth!  Get the marble through the course without it dropping into the holes.

How to make beautiful rainbow dancing rings with ribbons are lots of fun for kids to play with.:

This adorable giraffe finger puppet craft is such a hoot and is so fun for kids to play with! A perfect craft to make after visiting the zoo or as a summer kids craft.
How to make this cute bug craft with kids! BUGGLES. How cute. Altoid Tin Reuse Bug Craft Toy

27 Ridiculously Cool Projects For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try:

DIY Project Ideas: 10 Bird Feeders for Kids to Make | Apartment Therapy:

You'll find these ideas and about 50 more on my "DIY, with kids" Pinterest board.  But take note, the silly putty pins are there no more. 

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Bernie Kringel said...

As an almost-grandma, I loved this post! Kudos to you for trying this with the kids. I am sure they had a great time, even if it didn't really work and it created a ton of mess and extra expense for you. They probably loved it. What a sweet grammy you must be.

I am going to follow your board tho. I think there is plenty of inspiration to be had there!