Friday, December 9, 2016

November Stash Report and More Headbands

I don't know about anyone else, but I had a good month of finishes. Four quilts total, and though two are small quilts, it may be the best month of finishes I've had. 
Stash Report for November 2016
Additions and
Projects from stash
Projects in Que
Used this month:
Les Batons (2.5)
two scrap quilts
Added this month:
The Quarry—Quilty 365 (6.5)
Moda Noteworthy quilt
Used in 2016:
LSU (wallhanging) (1)

Added in 2016:
Solicitude (2)

The pink and purple ones are for students;
the red and white one is for a teacher.
This week I also started making warm, fleece headbands for students. I asked one of my students to borrow her headband so I could look at it and get ideas for a pattern. After making the first one, I brought it to school to have a couple of the girls check my pattern. I wanted to make sure it would fit my girls without letting them see it.

The pattern is pretty close to what I wanted. But, it turns out, the girls at school loved it. Four begged me to make headbands for them. Then one of my teacher friends saw the prototype and also asked for one. Tonight I have three of the five completed. 

This weekend I'll make the other two--they take only a few minutes--and then I'll be able to concentrate on the ones I want to make for my girls. The little grands will need a smaller pattern, so maybe I'll start there. Regardless, I've no doubt that I'll enjoy my weekend of sewing between the family commitments of a birthday party and Sunday lunch. What are your weekend plans?

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stitchinpenny said...

Please post a pattern.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I'll try to do that, Penny. What I have is very rough but it works. Perhaps if I can scan it in, I can figure something out. If so, I'll include it in a future post.

Kaja said...

Be careful - before you know it you'll have a bagful of orders!

Colleen Potter said...

Hi Mary, thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog. I have been meaning to make some of those ear warmers as well and came across a pattern in the tutorial section here :
It looks as though you have added an adjustable feature ( velcro ? ) good idea ! I think I will try and incorporate that too if I can get around to the project :)