Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Headbands--Weekend Finishes

not a stack, but enough for assembly line production
I spent Saturday making headbands for students at school. They've become a bit popular since the cold weather has finally gotten to us. Anything made of fleece is popular right now!

rather odd colors--our school colors are red and white
 Because I ended up making nine headbands, I spent most of the day sewing. I used an assembly line process which helped to speed things along but is quite boring. That is until I realized that I'd left the interfacing out and had to sew the same seam twice! Oh well, it got the job done, never the less, and that left me a little time to play. 
lots of velcro to sew in

Google photo
This time play meant to make pralines! Richard and I were planning to go to my sister's house for supper Sunday night, and I decided that it's time to share the goodness. Sure, I wanted to taste a few pralines, (recipe here) but I love sharing them, too. 

I got the syrup going so Rich could stir while I chopped the pecans. We like the pecans chopped into about 1/4 size halves--small enough that they mix well, but still large enough to know that they are pecans. Since my chopper minces rather than chop, I decided to cut the pecans by hand. Yep, by hand. Well, who knew that Rich would stir until the syrup was a solid? I managed to save the day, but barely. So the pralines are hard. Not like peanut brittle hard, but surely harder than pralines. 

On Sunday Richard decided that we didn't have enough pralines for everyone. He always assumes that everyone will show up. Not necessarily the way things go, but when something is in his head...

Of course, we made more pralines. This time I was gun shy, and cleared the fire about 30 seconds to soon. And the pralines were soft. Gooey soft. Yummy, gooey, sweet!

But I digress. We showed up at my sister's house. Not many others did, so there were enough pralines for people to take baggies of the gooey stuff home. They're a hit regardless of whether they are hard, soft, or just right. 

This afternoon I returned home from school to make three more headbands. Black is a favorite color! It's difficult to work with because it's so difficult to see black thread on black fabric.

But the kids are beginning to ask for different colors, which adds to the fun factor. I'm sure that it's come to an end, though, because we begin our Christmas vacation tomorrow. I'm okay, though. I'm not one to make the same item over and over again. Once I've proven to my own satisfaction that I can do something, I like to more on to doing something new and different that I need to learn or practice. 

How much do you like creating an item more than once?  What are some smaller items that you've made several times?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Mary, you've been very busy. These look great, and your candy looks delicious!