Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Red and Black

I spent most of this afternoon making more headbands for students at school. Our school colors are red and white, but we often add a little black or gray to uniforms just to add some contrast. The five headbands I made this afternoon were all red/black. 

Uniforms are khaki pants with either red or white polo shirts, so the girls are looking forward to having something that matches their uniforms but still can add a little contrasting color.  These headbands are reversible, which makes them especially useful for that purpose. 

I'm linking up these finishes to Amanda Jean's Crazy Mom Quilts with the hope that I'll have another finish by Friday or Saturday. 

So, that's how Sunday Quilt Inspiration came to be red and black. Why get those colors out of my head now?

We still have a size 4 and 0 in this stunning style!! Give us a call today to help find your perfect dress for this prom 2016 season!!  (770)831-8795: ✯ Black and Red Rose....would never be my favorite. I want roses to reflect sunshine or delicacy, and these just don':

~ Scarlet Red Betta ~ by pattpoom, via Flickr Beautiful fish. The colors are beautiful. Incensewoman:

The Blackbird, also called the Black Stone Violin, is a full-size playable violin made of black diabase after drawings by Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius), but with technical modifications to allow it to be played. The violin was conceived and designed by the Swedish artist Lars Widenfalk.:

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Red and Black M&M's® - Chocolates & Sweets -

10 Piece Queen Dawson Black and Red Comforter Set

These breathtakingly beautiful birds are Black-and-Red Broadbills (Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos). They have a black head, back, and tail feathers with crimson underparts. The bill is most striking, as it is a wonderful light turquoise on top with yellow underneath.    Catch More Creatures Here:

Red and black quilts? Well, of course!

Scraps of Life: My Quilts   The use of red really makes this quilt pop. The narrow bands between the rows of larger black and white are a great design element:

red & white & black quilts | Black, White, and Red zig zag quilt | Quilts:

Modern Baby Quilt Black White and Teal by AllAboutTheDetail:

Black and Red plaid flannel quilt:

Disappearing nine patch - lovely:

Another finished top by Certified Shop, Mami's Country Quilts from Duck Lake, SK, Canada! Love the Black and Red! Very rich! Contact shop for kitting info!:

Meets a lot of my goals in quilting... Black and White with Red pops of color.:

I love black, white, and red quilts...this was fun to make :):

Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting: What's Black and White and Red All Over?:
I love the graphic intensity of this one:

Here's wishing you a wonderful week and lots of quilting! 


Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

I hope they appreciate all your hard work making those headbands. You are making me itch to make a red and black quilt, just love all the pics. Thank you for the inspiration.

Kaja said...

You've made a lot of headbands now! I bet they're popular. :-)

Unknown said...

Do you sell the pattern for the red and black color scheme quilt with large poppy squares? Definitely interested in making. Thank you.

Harriet said...

This is off topic. You have shown a double diamonds string quilt on your posts. Is this your pattern? Where. Can I buy it?