Saturday, December 24, 2016

One Pink Quilt to Welcome Christ

A few weeks ago I discovered that the pink scrap basket was overflowing. Really overflowing. So I decided to cut the scraps into two inch squares using the die for the Double Wedding Ring block. 

Actually, there are two dies very close to each other on this block, so I used both. It's just easier. 

The larger size (2½") I put aside to make a kit for our summer travel. I decided to use up as much as possible of the smaller size. I was successful. So much that I had to add some yardage to finish off this quilt. 

I have been working on the quilt in small spurts when I could get into the studio for something other than making repairs or headbands. I finished it just last night and tossed it in the washing machine this morning. Then I sneaked into Marley's room to take pictures among her toys. It was a perfect backdrop. 

The quilt is a last-minute add-on to one of Dusti's gifts. We found out not long ago that Dusti is expecting a baby in April just before graduation. It's been a bit difficult for me to come to terms with this news, but I've resigned to being a great-grandmother at 57. Interestingly, that was not the difficult part: It's that my first little grand is going to be a mom. I keep picturing her as a toddler with those beautiful, big blue eyes and trusting nature and sweet disposition. And I worry. 

However, I also must remember that God takes care of his own, and that it's wonderful news to receive during the Christmas season. In Matthew 18:5, Christ said, "Anyone who welcomes one little child like this in my name welcomes me." This quilt is my way of saying welcome to Christ during this season when He is also a new baby.

Merry Christmas


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Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. There's no way to email or visit your blog if you have one,so I'm hoping you return to see my note. A very merry Christmas to you also!

Marty Mason said...

What a beautiful gift for granddaughter and her baby. You'll be the perfect great one because you trust and believe in our God.