Saturday, December 10, 2016

Natchitoches Trip to Europe

Last weekend Richard and I went to my sister's house in Natchitoches for the annual Festival of Lights. I wrote a little about the weekend last Sunday

The rain was much that the parade was cancelled for the first time since 1959. It was a steady, cold rain that went on for two days and nights, so going out for some sightseeing or festival shopping was out of the question. 

We are a hardy lot, however, and had no problem entertaining ourselves. The guys watched football and UFC, visited, and laughed at their own crazy stories. We girls had a wonderful time laughing and chatting, reminiscing about our childhood and, surprise, built 3D puzzles of famous buildings. 

Actually, they built several while I graded papers, but I could not handle missing the fun, so eventually I packed up the papers and played. Angie and Lewis just got home from a trip to Europe, and Sid and Frank lived in Germany for several years, so they have seen all of the buildings. That may have given them a slight advantage.

I'm almost resigned to the idea that I'll never get to Europe. I laughing said that I should take a picture of the buildings, but Angie said I needed to take a selfie instead. We all laughed but I took pictures anyway. Bummer! It didn't fulfill my dreams of going one day, so I'm holding out hope rather than rely on this pitiful picture.  

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Kaja said...

Don't give up hope, Mary! Always a space for you here if you make it.