Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Taste of Things to Come

I am working on a new project. Our Beta students are putting on a skit to support a member who is running for State Secretary. Our campaign theme, Mad about Maddie, plays off the Alice in Wonderland idea. That means we need costumes. Lots of costumes. Expensive costumes. We can't afford costumes.

Costume for the Queen of Diamonds
and a checked bow tie for the Mad Hatter

How do you get costumes that you can't afford? You make them yourself. That is the things I've teased you about. I've already begun. But there are still many more pieces to sew. To dream and design. To make up from felt, paper and tape. 


Karen S said...

I can remember many hours spent sewing costumes for school and for our own children. It is a lot of work!

Kaja said...

Can't wait to see how you get on with this project.