Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Onesie

Guessing by all the things that have been given to Dusti, her little girl is not going to need clothes. Nevertheless, I spent this afternoon working on a little outfit for the new baby. She's not even here yet and already I'm sewing for her. Something tells me that there will be lots of these little projects. I imagine this is what happens when you spoil a grand and sew every little thing she wants.

I'm thinking that we'll have to trim the ribbon tails when Dusti sees it, but I love the ribbon when the onsie is held up and the tails are loose. Dusti is a bit particular, so we'll see.

Ruffled buttom. ..all the little girls to be in our family :) cuteness.:
Original version
My version

Since onesies are on my mind, I figured I'd take a look at what Pinterest has to offer in the way of diy. 

I CAN NOT wait to have a little girl so I can add ruffles to the back of all her onesies :-)

Quick holiday shirt idea.  Can be used on a onsie, a t-shirt, or a sweatshirt!:

Valentine Shirt or Onesie- Ribbon Heart- Sizes NB-6 girls. $20.00, via Etsy.:

The Cottage Home: Embellished Onesie Baby Girl Dress

Homemade onesies are so cute.  I love the idea of using ribbons.  This could be a whale, a lion, a bird, an elephant... so many choices!:

@Kathryn Nichols. You could easily make this girly by adding a little bit of tulle around the middle and using different ribbon and buttons. And even a sparkly bow tie! So adorable.:

A little baby tutu and embellished onesie I made for a friend's baby shower.  vdm:

I love elegant-looking stuff for babies ;):

Make a shirt for Munchkin?:

New Baby Girl Patriotic Ribbon Flower Onesie by SweetCrusaderStyle, $16.00:

So cute for the hot summer! Onesie with Initial and Pink Leg Ruffles - long sleeve or short sleeve - newborn to 24m. $16.50, via Etsy.:

And what is Sunday Quilt Inspiration without the inspiration part?
Not baby quilts newborns.
tumbling blocks baby quilt Full View:

Amish Infant Quilt Star Flower Pattern by QuiltsByAmishSpirit, $250.00:

Amish Infant Quilt Log Cabin Pattern Unisex by QuiltsByAmishSpirit, $250.00:

Soft Flannel Baby Blanket | Flannel Baby Quilt | Newborn Blanket | Infant Blanket | Gender Neutral Blanket | Soft Baby Blanket | Giraffe:

This little quilt is too cute for words! Not only are the strips of colors in playful bold colors but the print is simply adorable. The print is called "Just Hanging Around" and it features all sorts of silly animals "just hanging" on some tree branches.  The quilt measures 38" x 40". Perfect for that new baby or the stroller or car seat.:

Blue and Green Modern Baby Quilt, Gender Neutral Patchwork Baby Blanket, Olive, Turquoise and Navy Blue Infant Crib Quilt by MyBitOfWonder on Etsy:


me encanta la convinación de colores...:

The wonderful Amy at Amy's Creative Side continues to host these biannual bloggers festivals. A chance for us to show a favorite quilt and t...:


J007 Three Little Engines:

Check out more baby quilts on my Pinterest board, "baby, quilts" where I have about 150 pins. 

Have you seen any good diy pins lately? Please let me know in the comments. 

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