Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Making and a Birthday

Today was a holiday from school, so I was able to spend a couple of minutes stitching. It's also Richard's birthday, which means that I spent most of the day with him. Lunch at Cracker Barrel (his favorite) and shopping, then a quick trip to Hobby Lobby. More on that later in the week.

After we returned home, Rich decided to rest his back on the sofa, which gave me those few minutes in the studio. I pulled the fabric that I'd gotten from Preeti all the way back in September when she had a giveaway. (Read the post here.) These pretties are so fresh and modern that I couldn't handle it. They had to age a bit. :-) 

This afternoon I pulled them back out and started working on a bag for myself. I have quite a few bottles of medicine that were just hanging out in the bathroom in a plastic container that is really too small. This bag would hold all of the bottles at the same time. 

I also need it to easily go from the house to the car for appointments or to the camper for vacation. That meant having a handle or strap. I went with a side strap near the top of the bag. 

I wanted a quilted bag so it would hold its shape and be hefty enough to manage the odd shapes of the medicine bottles. 

I love the fabrics and decided that I wanted to use two fabrics to give the pouch a two-tone effect, so I put the gray fabric on the bottom of the bag and used my favorite print on the top. Wow, I love the outcome!

One final embellishment that I added is the ribbon tassel on the zipper. I forgot to add my Fleur de Lis label, so tomorrow that will be the first thing I do in the studio.

Even so, I love the bag. It holds all of my medicine bottles, and the strap is long enough to easily grab and go. Just what I started out wanting to make. Thanks again, Preeti, for the lovely fabric!

On a final note as I was reading some of my favorite blogs over the weekend, I ran across this post from Carole at From My Carolina Home. She has several suggestions and thoughts about labeling quilts and keeping them safe. It's well worth the read and will get you to thinking about your own labeling habits.

What sewing or quilting projects are on your to do list this week?


Preeti Harris said...

See it was meant to be yours. Look what amazing things happen to fabrics in the right hands. Hope you enjoyed the day off as much as I am enjoying the pretty bags. Please convey my birthday wishes to Richard. I will be chasing a few colorful squirrels all January.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Oh, it was meant to be, I agree whole-heartedly! In fact, I like this bag so much I'm thinking of making another for tubes of triple antibotic and such. I can't thank you enough for the pretties. The circle fabric is just yummy! Thanks again, Preeti!

Karen S said...

Birthday wishes to hubby. And how lovely of him to go shopping at Hobby Lobby on his birthday. Hope he enjoyed it!
Love the little bag you made. Designing it for a particular purpose is very smart. Makes it work so much better.
Lovely use of those gorgeous fabrics.