Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Family Times

I've not been getting into the studio much lately, especially last weekend. Our youngest granddaughter celebrated her 7th birthday with a party on Saturday. She's the dark haired one in these pictures. Caki and Sophie are close in age and in love. What a pair!

This sweety is a fun-loving, never serious, darling. We love her so very much and had a fun time watching her and her friends run, jump, and play for a couple of hours. To bottle that energy!

On Sunday the oldest granddaughter celebrated her baby shower. Yes. BABY. Shower. I'm not believing it, still. The baby girl, Amelia, is due in April. If the baby looks anything like her mom, she will be stunningly beautiful. My sweet little Dusti is gorgeous and wonderful. It's difficult to believe that she's graduating, having a baby, and beginning her "grownup" life.  

Her shower was perfect--gray, white, and pinks. Her friends and mom decorated; my sister, Angie, made the cake; and a cousin made pretty cookies. There was party food of every kind and some delicious coffee-flavored punch. 

If it seems that I'm bragging, I suppose that I am. I love my boy and their wives, and my grands. Now there will soon be a great-grand. More family. More to love.

But none of them are giving me time in the studio. It's attend this, do that, can you, please help, and so on. The ME time is coming, however, with retirement this spring...right after the new tyke and Dusti's graduation. Will I make it till May? What do you think? 


Karen S said...

Family and fun!! The little ones are having a great time. And how exciting that you have a first great grand on the way!! All the best with all the events coming up. Especially retirement!

Kaja said...

Babies - I love them! Are you already making baby quilts? Maybe when you get to retirement you just need to lock yourself into your sewing room for a week and get it out of your system.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks Karen! I am beginning to really look forward to retirement. It IS less than four months away, after all.
Kaja, locking myself in the studio might get it out of my system, but I doubt it. I don't know that I ever stopped making baby quilts. The first quilt I made was for my oldest when he was a toddler...he's 37 now, and about to be a grandfather (or Pappy as he wants to be called). I'm pretty excited for the new arrival, too. There just seems to be so much happening all at once. It would be impossible to not get excited!