Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pin It Weekly #190

Hey, check it out: almost at 200 Pin It Weekly posts! That's a lot! I know I have it in me; I just wasn't sure whether I would stick with it very long. Of course, it's still too soon to celebrate--ten weeks left before getting 200 posts of Pin It Weekly. But we'll get there, don't you think?

A new follower, S Sue, has a great quilting board, which I've added to the many that I already follow.  ha! You can never have too many quilting boards. 

WOW!: Impromptu Quilt Pattern - quick & easy. Showcases both prints and solid and doesn't break the bank with the cost of designer fabric.:

15 Powerful Hip Openers to Release Negative Emotions:

Rosa Solorio-Garcia, another follower, has a crafts board with 90 cool, interesting craft ideas in it. 

Painted chair: Thread catcher/pin cushion (T. in the Burg: Still Puttering...) - she's making a pattern to sell in her etsy shop too!:

Button stamps:

Her board includes these button stamps. It's one of those ideas that, when you see them, you wonder why you didn't think of it! Well, really! This idea is a twofer: why didn't I think of either one? 

First the idea of using buttons as stamps; second, hot gluing the buttons to cork so you have a holder. 

And from a couple of pins from my own boards...

Storage Pods Sewing Pattern for quilting by Beth Studley: The 162-metre tall steel spire and the wrap-around base of The Victorian Arts Centre at Southgate. Designed by architect Sir Roy Grounds, the centre opened in 1982.    The spire is illuminated with 6,600 metres of optic fibre tubing, 150 metres of neon:

Dr. Seuss Makes Reading Fun Photo Booth Party Props - 19 Piece Set:

love handsewing beautiful and pretty things....must try to do more crafty things once again i think!!:


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