Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Kitchen Utensils

colorful whisks #AnthroFave: While I am writing this blog post, there are all manner of sounds coming from my kitchen. The red head loves to make how-to kitchen videos while making the daily dessert. Occasionally the dessert consists of three jelly beans (or some other candy) on a slice of bread. Seriously. It's delicious. We thank her profusely and put the bread back in the bag when she takes her bath. 

Anyhoo, all the clinking of kitchen utensils got me to thinking about how those utensils could inspire quilts. Let's give it try, shall we?

Fruity ceramic measuring spoons that'll put you in a good mood.:

15 Wooden Crafts for Home:

cute idea for the kitchen!:

Kitchen wood set with Holder. Holder can be wood burned with family initials…: The $19.99 Sockerärt vase is an elegant way to store your kitchen utensils.:

Girly kitchen utensils from Coco Rose Diaries ♥ They tend to inspire a little helper to stay & enjoy the experience.:

Strawberry Kitchen Utensils & Stand by MaMaMeMo on #zulilyUK today!:

#anthrofave: Love this little baking supply area! My baking supplies would take over this, but its cute!:

Clever idea: frame vintage kitchen utensils over a recipe background. Instant home decor!:

spray paint old kitchen utensils and hang on wall for a cute display!!:

Dish towel and kitchen wash cloth: cuteness!:

Wouldn't these make for some really adorable quilts? Now I'm thinking more for kitchen use, but who knows what we'll find!

turquoise kitchen utensil fabric by Robert Kaufman USA:
There's definitely adorable fabric available.
In The Kitchen Utensils Quilting Fabric - White:

brown apron and kitchen utensils fabric Robert Kaufman:

Cosmo Japanese Kitchen in Natural (heavy-weight 100% cotton):

Handmade fabric gingerbread house:

Porta talher - DIY IDEA - Just the picture is available, no tut or website. Cute craft for sewing for table silverware or to make from paper for picnic and party plastic utensils.:

"Blueberry Pie" by Kathy James (Fort Washington, PA). Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild. Quilts in the Round:  Photo by Nutmeg Designs Art::

Cups and Saucers, paper-pieced kitchen quilt design by Maaike Bakker | Martingale | December 2014:

possibly the coolest quilt I've ever seen!:

Redwork and Stitchery Quilts from Patterns by Jean Boyd:

Hot Chocolate Quilt. Free pattern. Table runner and placemats aldo:

So there are a few quilts, though not many. I saved my favorite for last. How cute is this little quilted kitchen caddy?

Quilts and More Spring 2017, Kitchen Caddy:

Have a great week while thinking about how you can quilt for your kitchen!

Happy Quilting,

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