Monday, February 20, 2017

Puppy Update on Cottontop

Hey, leave me alone
My sweet little Cottontop was only three months old when I got him for my birthday. Now he is well over 13 and is getting old and cranky. It's a bit like living with a 90-year-old man. He eats, sleeps, and waits for me to get home. 

Last night when I got up from my chair, I accidentally tossed my lap blanket over  him. When I returned several minutes later, he was exactly as I'd left him--a little black nose peaking out. 

Really? You had to move the blankey?

Of course, I decided he was too cute to miss the shot. 

And that lead me to consider that since I haven't posted anything about the puppies in a while, it would be about time.

You may notice that in some of these "portraits" he has what looks like a pink bow. It's actually a pink heart that Marley gave him for Valentine's Day. I stuck it in his hair thinking that it would soon fall out. Boy was I wrong! That adhesive is meant to stick.

After a bath
It's going to take a bath and some growling to get it out. I've tried a few times, but he does not appreciate it one bit. Snarls, growls, and snapping ensues. I've let go every time.

Newspaper is always fun

This picture is one I took after he had a field day with the newspaper, a toy and the pages of a children's book. Marley was not happy about her toy or her book. It didn't seem to matter that she'd already written in the book or that the toy had come from McDonalds. 

Don't move the toy...

this is where it belongs

These last two pictures are meant to show how smart he is, but it way work against him. He decided one afternoon that his toy belong in this place on the edge of his bed. I threw it several times. He would not return it to me. Instead he returned it to this place everytime. 
After a few times I gave up and stopped throwing the toy. He promptly climbed in the bed and took a nap leaving the toy perched on the edge. He has never done this since. 

On that note, he will not play with just any toy. He chooses the toy and will fetch or squeak it. Throw a different toy and he ignores it. It annoys the grands to no end, but they annoy him, so it's an even game. 

I hope you enjoyed the update on my sweet, cranky old man. Do you have a pet who's been with you for a long time? How long has it been?


Karen S said...

Our pets never cease to entertain. But they also know how to get us to do what they want, too.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I know, Karen! We spoil them and they spoil us and somehow everyone is happy.